Challenges that Environmental, Health & Safety Professionals face in today's market

Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Professionals have a very difficult job than it looks. I’m not even talking about ensuring compliance with all federal, state and local regulations, submitting the environmental reportings, training employees, etc (…and these are only a few of their tasks). I’m talking about implementing the EH&S culture within their companies.

– How to get an EH&S budget (which sometimes is only a dream!),

– How to convince the upper management that the EH&S programs are not optional but mandatory, and the company will benefit a great amount if they’re implemented properly.

In certain cases, due to the economical restraints, the company is under staffed, and this situation, off course impacts the EH&S department as well.

Sometimes, the quality coordinator can very well find himself as the head of the EH&S department.

Please share your experience with us. Do  you have a similar challenge or have you ever been in a similar situation?

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