Live Webinar: “EPCRA TRI (Form R) Reporting Basics”


Webinar Description

  • This is a 2-hour live webinar.
  • Cheat sheets, online resources and other useful tools will  be provided where applicable
  • In addition to theory, this webinar will also focus on the application and working knowledge of EPCRA  Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting requirements in order to help you on how to apply the theory into practice.
  • This webinar will address the basic TRI reporting requirements.
  • This webinar will be facilitated by industry experts, who are actively working with numerous clients on their environmental regulatory compliance needs.
  • Each participant will receive a webinar attendance certificate. There will be one certificate issued per order.
  • Each webinar comes with handouts for the presentation, recorded webinar link and sample documents or exercices (where applicable).
  • Come join our webinar and let’s prevent potential environmental regulatory violations and management systems nonconformities.

Webinar Contents:

  • Background about EPCRA TRI (Form R) reporting requirements applicable to general industry
  • Basic key areas
  • Most recent changes where applicable
  • EPCRA Section 313 TRI reporting criteria and reporting basics
  • Most commonly found errors on TRI reports
  • How to properly submit a TRI report
  • Most common EPCRA TRI  violations
  • Exercices and real life scenarios

Who should attend?

  • Environmental Coordinators, Specialists, Managers
  • Environmental Management Representatives from companies that either are ISO 14001 certified or the ones that are getting ready for ISO 14001 certification
  • Corporate Environmental Staff
  • Responsible officials at the facilities who will be signing the Tier II reports
  • Staff/Employees or other third party responsible of the Tier II program and reporting

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