At GreenUp Academy, we thrive to continually improve ourselves to better serve our industrial, commercial and government clients. The constructive feedbacks of our course attendees have always given us better ideas to bring a forever improving service and quality to our courses.

Based on the results of anonymous surveys powered by SurveyMonkey, over 90% of survey respondents who attended our webinars reported that they would be likely to extremely likely to recommend the GreenUp Academy webinar to a colleague. The same group also rated our webinars very good to excellent.

We would like to share some of the anonymous feedback we’ve received here:

“Great training! My expectations were exceeded!”(ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Course – March 2018)

“Best training ever!” (ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Course – Feb and March 2018)

“I have to thank you again for the thoroughness of your training, it definitely helped me prepare my organization in advance of the audit.” (ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Course – December 2017)

“The clarity provided for ISO clauses, the real world examples, and the bits of consulting… and love the documents!” (ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Course)

“Easy learning: Mel, does an excellent job and makes sure that everybody understands. Lots of student input makes the day go by faster… Top notch!” (ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Course)

“Instructor very knowledgeable, effective communication…” (ISO 14001 – OHSAS Internal Auditor Course)

“Mel was very “open” and “receptive to class” and kept the class on track” (Environmental Regulatory Course for Third party EMS Lead Auditors) 

“Excellent session – discussion very helpful!” (Environmental Regulatory Course for Third party EMS Lead Auditors) 

“Great information, concisely and well presented. A lot of complexity in these rules so this training is very helpful” (Environmental Regulatory Course for Third party EMS Lead Auditors) 

“Great job of logical presenting…” (Environmental Regulatory Course for Third party EMS Lead Auditors) 

“Great training!” (ISO 14001:2015 How to Master a Smooth Transition? – Live Webinar)

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