Webinar Description

  • This pre-recorded 1-hour webinar will discuss the initial approach to ISO 45001 implementation project and the creation of an effective road map to achieve certification.
  • This webinar is designed for all types of industries that are either:
    • Certified to OHSAS 18001 willing to upgrade to ISO 45001:2018 or
    • Willing to obtain initial certification to ISO 45001:2018 
  • This course will be taught by an experienced third party lead auditor who is internationally certified by Exemplar Global with both environmental, health and safety (EHS) management systems and EHS regulatory compliance scopes, and who actively conducts these audits and system implementation activities nationwide and internationally. 
  • Each live webinar participant will receive a GreenUp Academy webinar attendance certificate.

Webinar Contents

  • How to approach the ISO 45001 implementation project?
  • How to start implementing ISO 45001?
  • How to create a project plan for the implementation of ISO 45001?
  • How to manage the implementation internally and when to hire help
  • Suggested project plan for ISO 45001 Implementation
  • Consulting advice – Questions & Answers

Who should attend?

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Coordinators, Specialists, Managers
  • Corporate OHS Staff 
  • Any company who is willing to get certified to ISO 45001:2018 Standard 



  • This is a 90-minute pre-recorded webinar.
  • 5 most effective and proven ways to complete the EPCRA Tier II report accurately, effectively and smoothly will be revealed.
  • In addition to theory, this webinar will also focus on the application and working knowledge of EPCRA Tier II reporting requirements in order to help you on how to apply the theory into practice. 
  • This webinar was facilitated by an industry expert, who is actively working with numerous clients on their environmental regulatory compliance needs.
  • Participants will receive email instructions on how to access this webinar once they register. 
  • Handouts for the presentation and group work will also be emailed once the registration is complete.
  • Come join our webinar and let’s prevent potential environmental regulatory violations and management systems nonconformities.

Webinar Contents:

• Key areas of EPCRA Tier II reporting requirements applicable to general industry
• Most recent changes where applicable
• 5 different ways to get through EPCRA Tier II reporting smoothly
• EPCRA Section 312 Tier II (SARA Title III) Chemical Reporting Requirements
• Most commonly found errors on Tier II reports
• Commonly missed chemicals
• How to properly submit a Tier II report and to which regulatory authorities
• Most common EPCRA violations
• Frequently Asked Questions
• Exercises and real life scenarios

Who should attend?
• Environmental Coordinators, Specialists, Managers
• Environmental Management Representatives from companies that either are ISO 14001 certified or the ones that are getting ready for ISO 14001 certification
• Corporate Environmental Staff
• Responsible officials at the facilities who will be signing the Tier II reports
• Staff/Employees or other third parties responsible for the Tier II program and reporting

GreenUp Academy Courses and Webinars: • We are in the process of creating our 2020 webinar and classroom course schedule. Please check back with us again soon.
• Each webinar is also offered as a pre-recorded/on-demand webinar along with all the training materials offered during the live session. Please contact us for any pre-recorded/on-demand webinar sessions.
• In addition to our public courses and webinars, we also offer, facility/individual customized EHS regulatory and management system courses.

Terms and Conditions:

GreenUp will try its best to accommodate each and every one of its participants. In order to be fair to each course participant, GreenUp enforces the terms and conditions listed below:
• The webinar fee is due upon registration.
• For Live Webinars Only: Registrants who fail to attend their webinar are still liable for 100% of the webinar fee.
• There will be no refund issued after the materials are distributed and or the webinar has been attended.
• Each attendee is responsible to ensure that they are attending the correct webinar of their choice. GreenUp Academy is not responsible for scheduling, wrong time zone or picking the wrong webinar, etc. types of errors by participants.
• For Live Webinars Only: If you notify GreenUp at least 3 days in advance regarding not attending the webinar, you will have the opportunity to attend another session whenever it becomes available. If the ticket was purchased by mistake and/or the potential participant won’t be able to attend the webinar and GreenUp is notified the same day of the purchase, a refund will be issued. Please contact GreenUp Academy for a refund. You will get a response within 3 days and if your refund is approved, it will be processed through PayPal.
• By purchasing your ticket, you agree to these terms and conditions.


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