ISO 45001 Introduction – PECB Certified

ISO 45001 Introduction Course – PECB Course

ISO 45001 Introduction live webinar with extensive material that comes from PECB

Webinar Description:

  • This is a 4-hour live webinar
  • This is an internationally accredited PECB course. 
  • In addition to extensive self-study material, which includes over 100 pages of information and practical examples, this course will be taught as a live webinar led by an instructor. 
  • This webinar enables you to comprehend the basic concepts of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).
  • This webinar will help you understand the importance of an OHSMS and the benefits that businesses, society and governments can attain.
  • 7 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits will be issued to the participants who attend this course.

Facilitator Credentials:

  • Principal Consultant/Lead Facilitator at GreenUp 
  • Chemical Engineer, M.S.
  • Exemplar Global Certified Lead Auditor 
  • PECB Certified Senior Lead Auditor
  • PECB Certified Trainer
  • 18 years of experience in the EHS and manufacturing world


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